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In today’s world of structural steel engineering fabrication and erection, we understand how important detailing is, and how difficult it can be to fabricate and erect steel in an economical and profitable manner. This is especially true in the new millennia, as structural and architectural drawings become ever more complicated. More often, design firms are leaving the finer points and details to be codified by the Detailing Company. This can sometimes pose a problem for a steel fabrication and/or erection company like yours; as extra costs, delays and detailing errors and omissions always cost the fabricator more money.
Here at Art’s Project, we have the solution. As part of our detailing team, we have several Structural Engineers working with us, helping us to interpret the intension of the structural design drawings, and point out potential problems. Additionally, we have a top-notch team of experienced management talent who can foresee issues and facilitate effective job management. Our General Manager, Jan Osika, is a certified project manager with 14 years experience in the steel industry working on the shop floor and in the design/drafting office.
With this group of highly skilled and experienced men and women, we are able to draw on our combined experience of drafting and production to provide you with solutions and drawings that will enable you to capitalize on your production facility to the fullest.
The result is: Less delay due to poorly prepared shop drawings, and an absence of errors or field fit-up problems.
Our corporate mission is to apply all of the experience and knowledge we have here at Art’s Project towards the immediate and long-term profitability and success of your company! Read on more detail, or simply give us a call at 1-(847)-460-5072.

BIM gives us savings, by cutting down on rework, such as repicking up information into models or making changes in the shop or/and field.
The greatest adventages:

  • Reducing work.
  • improving productivity.
  • Reducing conflicts and changes during construction.
  • Clash detection and avoiding rework.

Here at Art’s Project, we offer almost all of the available formats of our models [IFC2x3, 3D-DWG, 3D-DXF, 3D-DGN, ASCII, FEM, CIMSTEEL CIS_2 STP, MIS-File, … etc.] in order to make them work with the global BIM system.


The team here at Art’s Project hopes that this site has convinced you of our dedications to your success. As many of us have been directly involved in the business of fabricating and erecting structural steel ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the issues shop and field staff face on a daily basis.
It is our goal and mission to do everything in our power to adapt ourselves to your special needs, whatever they may be, while ensuring that any of the pitfalls that every fabricator needs to watch out for are kept far at bay.
We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to direct any inquiries to the below contact:

Jan Osika:
General Manager/ Manager of Engineering Department/ X-steel Staff Manager.
phone: 1-(847)-460-5072
Email: office@artsproject-steel.com