Automotive Industry

  • Structural Steel DetailingUsing the X-steel (Tekla Structures) program, we produce high quality drawings for a wide range of steel structures. Standard procedure for us is to create a set of shop, erection and part drawings that is 100% complete.
    We create all anchor bolts, erection and bracing E-plans, all large assembly drawings such us structural canopies, all individual assembly drawings such as beams and columns, and part drawings for every element on the entire project. The drawings are fully referenced to each other using easy to read tables. The tables referenced the part drawings all the way back to the assembly drawings, and also provide grid references, elevations, E-plan reference, and other pertinent information. Additionally, all sections and details on the E-plans are referenced back to the appropriate structural and/or architectural detail or section, and the main E-plans are referenced back to the corresponding structural plans. Please review our samples section for examples of these drawings.
  • Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

    We are highly experienced in carrying out the miscellaneous detailing requirements of any contract. Our Miscellaneous Department works closely with our Main Structure Department to ensure that the miscellaneous detailing fits perfectly with the overall project. To ensure the high quality of our work, we follow the same format and procedure for miscellaneous detailing as we do for structural detailing. For example, the same cut lists, reports and CNC files as required.
  • CNC Capabilities

    X-steel (tekla Structures) is programmed to generate a wide range of CNC files, in any of the formats commonly available in the industry. We can instantly generate .DWG .DXF and other NC files for plates, and can produce CNC files for beam-lines and other automated fabrication lines.
  • Material Management Lists

    Using the X-steel (Tekla Structures) program, we produce a wide range of material lists, reserve bills, cutting lists, part lists and other material management documents. We also have a powerful program for nesting all material, including plate. Please review our samples section for examples of these lists.
  • Drawing Registers

    Here at Arts Project, we know how tough it can be to control the flow and submittal of drawings, especially revisions. That is why we generate and maintain drawing registers designed to track and manage all drawings on a project.
    We update these registers during each submittal, and ensure that the history and status of every drawing is always accurately tracked and recorded. These registers are submitted to the client upon the first issue for approval on a project, and then updated versions are submitted upon a change of status of any drawing, or a new submittal.
    Our ftp site is available for fast reference on any aspect of the shop drawings and registers. Please review our samples section for examples of these registers.
  • Assistance in Building and Estimating

    We can efficiently and economically produce a 3-D model of any project at Bid or Design stage. This has proved to be a remarkably effective marketing tool, as your client gets to really see what the structure will look like. Included as part of this bid model is:

    • Several TIFF views showing the structure in 3-D. Samples of some of these 3-D views are included on the samples section.
    • Material lists with total weights for cross-checking your take off. These lists are broken into several categories, including:
      • Beams
      • Columns
      • Bracing
      • Decking
      • Miscellaneous, such us stairs and railings
      • Anchor bolts and Embeds
    • An additional marketing tool called 'web viewer’. Web viewer has been very valuable for our clients. This is a simple program that generates a three-dimensional model of the structure that can be opened and used on any PC that has Windows Explorer. The client is able to open this model and zoom around in their structure, walking up and down the stairs and checking out how the building looks. It is very easy to use, and requires no special training or software. We have included some samples of these viewers on the samples section.