We have included in this section many samples of our work.

3D views
The samples are showing three dimensional views of some of our past work.

Bid views
Some samples of the 3D views we have created for our clients to help them bid on projects.

Samples of various kinds of E-plans. They are the following categories: AB-plans, Embed-plans, Structural miscellaneous stuff members, main structural steel plans, elevations and details and light steel plans..

Material lists
Samples of our standard material management lists. We produce many kinds of material lists, sorted by profile, drawing, part mark, grade, etc. The set shown in this folder is a cross-section of what our clients usually ask for, however, we are always happy to provide lists in any format that is required. For Example, a client may ask for a list of only the WT-shape in one or more divisions, showing the cut length, size, weight, part mark and assembly mark. We can generate these lists instantly in an easy to read, sensible format. (See attached sample: Part List By Profile). Also included in this folder are samples of our nested lists, for material from stock lengths, such as wide-flange.

Part drawings
Some samples of individual part drawings. Note the table on the lower right that identifies which assembly the part belongs to, how many parts are on that assembly and which area that assembly exists in. This table is an automatic database; therefore it is not subject to human error.

Shop drawings
Some samples of beams, columns, guardrails and stair assemblies. Note the table in the upper left corner of the drawing that identifies which area it is in, its elevation, and its grid location. This table is generated automatically and has proved to be very helpful to the project engineers during approvals. Also included on the drawing are the bolt summary, identifying how many bolts each assembly needs, and telling the reader their size, grade, length, and number of nuts and washers. The summary notes whether they are shop bolts or field bolts, and what finish is required. (See attached 52A8, under the BOM for an example of this table).

Web viewers
Samples of web viewers. This simply program has provided to be useful for both bidding and project management. To launch the viewer, simply open folder and double-click on the file called 'Click Here To View!’ You are then able to pan around in the structure in 3-D and see how the building will look. There are two folders, one with some viewers we produced for our clients to help them bid, and one with some models of some of our past projects.
The team here at Art’s Project hopes that this section has convinced you of our dedications to your success. As many of us have been directly involved in the business of fabricating and erecting structural steel ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the issues shop and field staff face on a daily basis.
It is our goal and mission to do everything in our power to adapt ourselves to your special needs, whatever they may be, while ensuring that any of the pitfalls that every fabricator needs to watch out for are kept far at bay.
We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to direct any inquiries to the below contact:

Jan Osika:
General Manager/ Manager of Engineering Department/ X-steel Staff Manager.
phone: 1-(847)-460-5072